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Trekking moose was a design that I thought up for one of my packaging classes. I love outdoorsy activities...hiking, camping, fishing, caving, etc. I love it. My friend and I have this idea that we want to hike the triple crown which is Appalachian trail, Pacific Crest trail, and the Continental divide trail. With this in mind I was thinking about things we might need on the hike so I thought up this High calorie, healthy, dehydrated food. It's a quick, easy, and filling meal that will keep you going. However in the hind sight of packaging if you add water to the paper bags it's going to rip it, so I should've created it with a environment safe alternative. While creating this I just wanted a clean, easy to read, natural look and feel. I drew the mountains and trees on the bag and keeping hierarchy in mind I made the brand name as big as it so they are equal and the mountains aren't a high priority, I made what kind of food it is slightly smaller, ingredients smaller, etc. This is one of my favorite projects and a challenging one because i've never brought a packaging design to life by myself.