Mwenso and the Shakes are one of shows that will be performing as part of the Club 42 series at the Ware Center. In order to get the word that they are coming out; I will create show assets that include banners to be displayed in the window, Kiosk posters, and web sliders for the Ware Center's website. Consistency is the main thing to keep in mind while creating assets. Club 42 events take place in our atrium which is why in the background of the photos you can see the glass ceiling and brick flooring, and every club 42 act will the club 42 logo. While it's important to stay consistent you also can't let it get in the way of creativity. It's always fun to play with some photo manipulation, composition changes, and maybe different fonts that fit the theme of the different shows better. This specific set of assets is one of my favorite because the colors give it an upbeat, fun and happy feeling.