The Ware Center needed a new logo for the Club 42 series. While creating the logo I tried to keep in mind the theme of the series...Jazz, and it has a modern/vintage feel. In my opinion simple geometric shapes in a logo gives it that modern vibe so I was working with simple squares, circles, and triangles. I went with the triangle a lot because I felt like it portrayed the glass pyramid ceiling that can be seen were all the Club 42 shows take place, but instead they just wanted a square so I merge the first square with the ideas of the triangle and paired it with a vintage font. 


During the Ware Center's 17-18 season I created this postcard for them in Indesign and it highlighted the shows from the old Jazz in the Sky series as well as the Club 42. The goal was to keep it simple...the most important info is the largest, and then you get a interesting picture from each upcoming show along with it's description, but the postcard itself is still appealing to the eye due to the arrangements of elements not allowing any tension. 


This is a quick ad that was created for the Ware Center to give to Central PA Friends of Jazz so they can put it in their programs. The ad just displays all of the shows for the season that pertain to the Club 42 series. This project was one that was given to me and I had to push it out in under an hour and it was a challenge to think quick and still be creative, but it was fun and It got the job done. the main things I tried to focus on was consistency in the type...everything had the same spacing, size, weight, and kerning. Since the text is the most important part you have to double check and make sure it's perfect because it's what the viewer will be looking at the most. Along with that of course you will have to have an eye catching design, so I tried to add in some geometric shapes which angle down to draw your eye downward, some photos highlighting some of the shows, and lastly of course the glass ceiling and brick flooring.